The process of becoming a Street Pastors location.



So normally a group of churches get together as they think Street Pastors would be a good fit with whats is going on in the community.

BUT not so in Thurrock. The police, the Council and C2C rail came to the churches and asked them to set up Street Pastors because they had heard just good reports of the work.

So the churches needed to find churches from 4 differnet denominations who would be willing to have a role in oranising Street Pastors in Thurrock. The number of 4 is the minimum requirement from Ascension Trust.

The founding members were Grays Baptist, Grays Team Minsistry, Church of His Presence, Christ City Church and Wellcome Church. This covered Baptist Anglian, two Independent and a Congregational.

The Next steps are in the next post………..

But dont forget to come to our launch on 12th of May 2024 in St Peter and St Paul in Grays at 6pm.